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Audit and Logging.

See Everything. Track Anything. In Every Enviroment.

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The problem.

Audit and Logging is the process of capturing and storing all of the user and system activity across your entire organization to provide evidence for compliance initiatives such as a SOC2 audit, and to record activity in the event a forensic audit is required, such as understanding the impact of a data breach. Although this concept is widely understood, it is not always easy to accomplish, especially in complex environments with a large number of diverse technologies in use.



The solution.

DataStealth is deployed between 2 endpoints: User to Application or Application to a database or even an On-Premise environment to a SaaS Service. The platform then creates an audit record for everything that passes between. The uniqueness of this approach is that the collection is performed at the transport layer.

By collecting and reviewing audit logs, system administrators can achieve unparalleled granularity in tracking user activity, while security teams can easily and quickly investigate any security incidents to ensure full compliance with regulations, privacy laws, and governance requirements.

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How DataStealth Protects Others.

“It was a breath of fresh air to go from learning about DataStealth, to deploying the solution within 30 days.”

Partner, Cybersecurity | Multinational Professional Services Firm

"The approach to securing sensitive data and preventing breaches that DataStealth uses is unlike any cybersecurity solution we have seen DataStealth is extremely innovative, powerful, flexible, and scalable – and is supported by their team’s deep technical expertise."

VP, IT and Operations | North American Airline

“DataStealth is an extremely flexible and robust solution that helps us locate and protect sensitive data in a wide variety of systems – from our legacy mainframes to our latest cloud-based apps.”

EVP/CIO | Telecommunications

DataStealth is different.

No application

No installation of agents, collectors, or widgets

No changes to users or workflows