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Data Privacy & Governance.

Discover, Classify and Protect Your Sensitive Data.


The problem.

As organizations become more strategic about data governance and privacy, manual data collection and aggregation for reporting, analysis, and remediation are no longer enough. Organizations can no longer afford to look at data governance and privacy through a narrow lens or spend hours manually collecting and aggregating data for reporting, analysis, and remediation. Instead, organizations need the right solutions to operationalize, automate, and protect their data assets at scale.

The solution.

When DataStealth performs discovery and applies classification, organizations have confidence that sensitive data is treated properly, regardless of where it is located and how it is used and accessed.

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DataStealth provides a comprehensive solution for data-driven organizations.

Discover your data sources, both known and unknown. Identify data in your data sources. Classify your sensitive data.

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A safe, secure, and straightforward approach to creating and delivering test data from production environments for use in non-production environments without the associated risk and liability of having actual production data outside your secure production environments.

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Apply realtime data masking using policy based decisions to ensure only authorized users are able to see sensitive or regulated data.

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Capture and store all of the user and system activity across your entire organization to provide evidence for compliance initiatives. A simple network change is all that is required to start collecting and emitting audit records.

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Use SaaS applications hosted anywhere in the world while keeping your sensitive and regulated data in the country of origin.

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Deploy a fully featured metrics, monitoring and alerting solution that can be easily deployed by making a simple network change without needing to install any agents or emitters and without integrating with APIs.

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Protect your sensitive data and documents before leaving your infrastructure, traversing the internet, and landing in the cloud, while still enjoying all the benefits the cloud has to offer.

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How DataStealth Protects Others.

“It was a breath of fresh air to go from learning about DataStealth, to deploying the solution within 30 days.”

Partner, Cybersecurity | Multinational Professional Services Firm

"The approach to securing sensitive data and preventing breaches that DataStealth uses is unlike any cybersecurity solution we have seen DataStealth is extremely innovative, powerful, flexible, and scalable – and is supported by their team’s deep technical expertise."

VP, IT and Operations | North American Airline

“DataStealth is an extremely flexible and robust solution that helps us locate and protect sensitive data in a wide variety of systems – from our legacy mainframes to our latest cloud-based apps.”

EVP/CIO | Telecommunications

DataStealth is different.

No application

No installation of agents, collectors, or widgets

No changes to users or workflows