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Using production data in
non-production environments?

DataStealth TDM (Test Data Management) creates high fidelity production-like test data, limiting the risk of exposure of production information in your non-production environments.

Your production data may be exposed.

Production and non-production environments are initially built the same. Out of necessity, production environments get the attention, and over time—a missing patch here, a skipped update there—non-production environments can become vulnerable. As employees, processes, and apps have access to your production data in non-production environments, the risk could be enormous to your business.

Process billions of records monthly 

A more secure approach to test data.

Business and referentially-aware subsetting

Apply business logic and integrity, supporting multi-table “joins” to apply intelligent replacements.  

In-cloud or on-prem

Use the same process to generate data in any location, including ingestion pipelines for big data and cloud analytics. 

Use existing or synthetically-created data sets

Create data sets based on an existing customer set, or no customers at all. 

Representative high-fidelity test data

Build test data sets that accurately represent characteristics and trends in existing data sets. 

Transfer schema and data

Extracts and creates database structure to avoid restoring databases to apply de-identification.

Patented DataStealth technology

Our patents ensure we can provide customers with a robust solution they can’t find anywhere else.

A scalable solution for enterprise

DataStealth is built for enterprise. We create and deploy high fidelity test data for use in non-production environments quickly and seamlessly. That means: 

Lightweight footprint

No duplication

Virtually no latency

Components and Functionality


Filter / Subset

Use lookup and row data to filter and subset data to create variable sized data sets while ensuring referential integrity.

Validation Scorecard

Ensure data was properly masked and processing was fully completed before allowing access.

Script and API Execution

Use custom scripts to manipulate data, and make calls out to API’s to get data or trigger business processes.

Data Integrity

Ensure referential integrity - cross system. Consistent, repeatable replacements across data sources to ensure business logic / test scripts just work.

Databases and More

Enable the same consistent test data generation across delta files, analytics, big data and more.

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