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Discover, Classify, and Protect Sensitive Data and Documents.

With our patented data protection platform


DataStealth protects your sensitive data and documents.

DataStealth is a data protection platform that allows organizations to discover, classify, and protect their most sensitive data and documents, ensuring that sensitive data and documents are secure and that they meet applicable privacy, regulatory, governance and compliance requirements.

Deploying DataStealth is as simple as making a small network change. No application development. No installation of agents, collectors or widgets. No changes to user behaviour of workflows.

DataStealth is different.

No application

No installation of agents, collectors, or widgets

No changes to users or workflows

DataStealth solves problems.

PCI Compliance | Data Privacy and Governance | Data Protection

Data we discover and protect.

Personally Identifiable Information | Payment Card Information | Personal Health Information

Data protection options.

Tokenization | Encryption | Masking


Our customers are our biggest advocates.

"It was a breath of fresh air to go from learning about DataStealth, to deploying the solution within 30 days."

Partner, Cybersecurity | Multinational Professional Services Firm

"The approach to securing sensitive data and preventing breaches that DataStealth uses is unlike any cybersecurity solution we have seen DataStealth is extremely innovative, powerful, flexible, and scalable – and is supported by their team’s deep technical expertise."

VP, IT and Operations | North American Airline

“DataStealth is an extremely flexible and robust solution that helps us locate and protect sensitive data in a wide variety of systems – from our legacy mainframes to our latest cloud-based apps.”

EVP/CIO | Telecommunications

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