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A smarter way to discover and classify sensitive data.

DataStealth DDC (Data Discovery and Classification) finds both known and unknown sources, classifying all of your data, with virtually no false positives.

You can't classify what you can't find.

Most discovery and classification tools are poorly engineered—they do not cast a wide enough net and they return data with too many false positives. The proliferation of corporate data stored in unsanctioned shadow IT, unknown repositories, and third-party SaaS and Cloud solutions makes adhering to risk and compliance policies and procedures next to impossible. And with privacy legislation giving customers the right to information and the right to be forgotten, seamless data discovery and classification has never been more important. Without the right solution, your team and business are amplifying risk and losing efficiency. 

Discover everywhere. Scan everything.
Classify anything.

Broad discovery

Search to find data wherever it's stored, including known and unknown locations, on-prem
or in-cloud.

Deep scanning

System, platform, and payload agnostic search of classified data across all major platforms including databases, file stores, payloads and file types.

Intelligent classification

Confidence and validity smart scoring to confirm each piece of data, resulting in virtually no false positives.

Structured and unstructured data discovery

Find data from structured and unstructured sources, without needing to supply locations to search. 

Patented DataStealth tech

Our patents ensure we can provide customers with a robust solution they can’t find anywhere else.

Virtually no false positives. 

Components and Functionality

Dynamic sampling

Dynamic Sampling

Scan an entire data source or targets using thresholds and dynamically skip rows based on the presence of sensitive data. 
On-cloud on-prem

On-cloud and On-prem

Use the same processes to scan data in all locations.
Data lineage

Data Lineage

Classification of not only where sensitive data is located, but also related objects and copies.


Use satellite scanning nodes to process data in residency regions or cloud locations.

API, Demand,
or Scheduled

Initiate scans via API integrations, on-demand, or scheduled to run off-hours or on a regular schedule.

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