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Dynamically mask your data
in real-time.

DataStealth DDM (Dynamic Data Masking) masks your data with flexible, granular policies only exposing sensitive information to authorized people, teams, or regions. 

Access controls don't need to be binary.

Your data is a main driver for your business, and the right people need access to it. But traditional solutions provide all-or-nothing data access—you can either see all of it, or none of it. The nuances of your business paired with compliance and privacy regulations that vary region-to-region mean you need a better solution to protect your sensitive data. 

access controls. 

DataStealth DDM adds granular access controls to protect your data, but with a catch: access controls are applied in real-time, as data is being consumed by users and systems, without needing to make any changes to applications or databases. Using role-based access controls (RBAC) and attribute-based access controls (ABAC), we ensure data can be masked as specifically as columns, rows, or both. Now, only the right people access data under the right circumstances. 

Examples of RBAC: Role, Seniority, Line of business

Examples of ABAC: Region or location, Work responsibilities

Screenshot 2023-10-25 at 3.43.57 PM

0% PII exposure.

Built for business, compliance, security, and privacy

Combines ABAC and RBAC

Add granularity to your access controls to make your data cross-functionally useful.

Mask Columns and Rows

Define masking rules by columns, rows, or both, allowing you to get specific, but keep your data usable across your organization.


From SQL to Oracle, we work across all major tech stacks to provide masking solutions. 

A true enterprise solution

DataStealth is built for enterprise. With fast and easy integration that’s as simple as updating your DNS, you won’t need to make changes across every page of every application on every server. That means: 

No application

No installation of agents,
collectors, or widgets

No changes
to workflows or user behavior

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